2019 Public Safety Visibility Campaign


Help a Public Safety Officer today!!

This campaign brings awareness to the visibility issue and offer a means for the public to help remedy this issue! 

Be a part of giving back this holiday season and provide our public safety teams with clear vision; as they work to keep us safe from fire, bad weather and crime.

The public can sponsor a window to help for ONLY $10

2019 Public Safety Visibility Campaign

2019 Public Safety Visibility Campaign

With the thoughts around this time of year of giving, we'd like you to take a moment and remember those that give to all of us in our community. This year we are managing a campaign in partnership with Glassparency® to benefit our local public safety employees that work at the Franklin Fire Department, Police Department and DPW. 

We created this campaign to provide a means for the public to give back to those that give so much every day. Our public safety employees work hard to protect us; be it from crime, bad weather or fires. This is a chance for the public to help those that help us all. It's a chance for the kids/children in our community to help the people they look up too. 

With a small $10 donation you can purchase a Glassparency® window coating for one of the departments. Be it a fire truck, police car, plow truck or any number of vehicles in one of the 3 departments. 

RI Motorsports and Detail will be donating the installation time for the entire campaign as well as kicking the campaign off by donating 3 windshield coatings to each of the department heads.

We hope you can help our public safety employees have clear windows this year. 

A time will be scheduled at the department's convenience for the Glassparency® glass treatment to be installed. The individual or group that purchases the glass treatment is invited to be on hand for the installation, as we would like to personally thank them and take a picture with each person or group that was able to help. 

We hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday season!

GlassParency Visibility Test Video

The understand how this can help our public safety teams, take a look at this video to see how it all works! 

Help us, help those that keep our community safe! Get involved today! 

Sponsor a window today!! Only $10 per window!!

Click the link to sponsor a window for FD, PD or DPW


2019 Public Safety Visibility Campaign add'l info

Additional Information

We are initiating a public safety campaign for the benefit of all public safety personal. This campaign addresses the need for public safety employees (Fire Department, Police Department, Department of Public Works) to have clear visibility while operating any of the Public Safety vehicles. This would include Fire Trucks, Ambulances, Rescue Trucks, Command Vehicles, Police Cruisers, DPW Plow trucks, DPW Heavy Equipment and so on. 

This campaign will help bring awareness to this issue and offer a means for the public to help remedy this issue. The public will have the opportunity to sponsor a window. Then RI Motorsports will arrange a date and time with the selected departments vehicle and the sponsor, to be on hand during the application of the GlassParency® glass treatment. This way we can have a picture taken with the vehicle and the sponsor. This campaign is designed to both bring awareness to the issue and provide a means for the public to give back/pay-it-forward to our public safety departments. RI Motorsports and Details will kick off the campaign by donating the coatings for the 3 department heads; Fire Chief, Police Chief and DPW Director.

The public safety vehicle operators have for many years worked in all manner of inclement weather. During the course of a storm they are required to operate any number of a town’s vehicles. As we all know, being able to see the road clearly while operating said vehicles in typical New England weather, which can range from heavy rain to ice to snow, is paramount to the successful operation and tasks required of our public safety employees. 

RI Motorsports and Detail greatly appreciates and values the efforts put forth from all public safety departments. Each department plays a role in keeping our community safe. Whether that be a fire, criminal actions or snow and ice, each department plays a role that should be respected and protected. 

During this campaign RI Motorsports and Detail would like to work with the community and offer our services to these departments. We offer a product made by GlassParency®. This product is applied to a glass surface. Once applied, GlassParency® form’s an ultra-hydrophobic barrier, thus providing a clear protective layer. Glass under a microscope is extremely porous. There are millions of hills, valleys, and peaks that cannot be seen with a human eye. It is in these peaks and valleys that substances get trapped causing contamination, distorted vision while driving and damage to the glass surface. Unlike many wax-based or topical coatings, GlassParency is chemically engineered to react to silica within the glass pores, creating a bond unmatched by the competition. It’s product attributes go beyond just a water, snow and ice repellency. GlassParency will provide the operator the ability to clearly see the road, house number, road lines, objects in the road, better. It provides a means to conduct town business in a safer manner, thus protecting the employees, vehicles and the public.