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We love a good restoration! Let us help you bring your classic back to it's former glory. Whether it's interior work, exterior or both, our experts have access to the original specs for almost any car to resurrect the classic look!



You car is an investment and we want to make it last. We provide recurring detailing packages to ensure your care is protected from time and the elements. Regular cleaning and waxing will extend the look of your car for years to come. 

Safety and Protection


We know  your classic and exotic cars deserve special treatment. For the safety of vehicle, we only use manual tools, no automatic machines that can cause damage. We also provide guides on our methods if you'd like to do some work yourself.


– Chandler


Linell and team are top notch. Very clear and detailed explanation of work to be done with a consultative approach. Irrespective of what's on the agenda, this team does it with the same passion and vigor; no compromise. I've been a customer for two years now and wouldn't dream of anyone else touching my vehicles.

– Addison


Awesome service, went in for headlight restoration. Linell is awesome, super friendly and explain products that he offers an de how they work. Was in and out within an hour and a half. Great work super happy definitely recommend

– Kate


My car is so SHINY! Came out of work in the sunshine and it was all like "THE BEACON OF GONDOR IS LIT"!!! Best job ever...my little War Machine of a car was in desperate need of much lovin'.....and much lovin' was had. She's so pretty now...Excellent work. 10/10 would light the beacon again.