Germ Removal Deep Interior

Deep Interior

Deep Interior:
The interior of your vehicle is fully steam cleaned to remove up to 99.9% of germs such as the  Coronavirus.
Germs, Dirt and debris is removed. The seats are throughly cleaned. Carpeted flooring is given a through mechanical scrub prior to our hot water extraction treatment to remove germs and debris from the carpeting. The dash is throughly steamed and detailed to remove germs and dust. Each door is throughly steamed to remove germs as well.
All glass it throughly cleaned.

Once this process is complete it is also an ideal time to apply a ceramic coating to the interior surfaces of your vehicle to make for easier cleaning in the future.



Concourse Level Detail

This package is designed to restore a vehicles condition to a Concourse Level. 

The entire vehicle is throughly gone through from the ground up. This level of detailing is designed to bring a vehicles condition to award winning show quality. Whether your vehicle is a show car only or the weekend driver that puts a smile on your face, this package will truly make your vehicle the best it could be. 

Through this process your team at RI Motorsports will be making notes and creating a detail report on your prized vehicle. We will be inspecting the entire vehicle and making notes of concern from areas you would not normally see or notice.  Once the service is complete we will sit down and review the findings and let you know if we saw anything of concern. 

This package includes: 

  • full wheel restoration: wheels removed to properly clean the entire wheel face and the inner barrel
  • full brake caliper detailing: with the wheels removed the braking system is throughly cleaned and restored 
  • full under carriage: undercarriage is scrubbed to remove road debris including well wheels
  • the exhaust is polished to remove road debris, exhaust fall out and to restore the metallic shine
  • full exterior:  paint correction as well as paint polishing to remove minor scratches and restore the luster and deep shine back to the paint
  • full  interior: the interior is broken down to remove all dirt and debris. the seats are removed to throughly clean all areas. all carpeted flooring is given a through mechanical scrub prior to our hot water extraction treatment to remove debris from the carpeting. the dash it detailed to remove all dust. if needed section of trim will be removed to provide access to remove dirt and debris from the dash and console

Once this process is complete, we recommend a full ceramic coating treatment on the entire vehicle. This should include the paint, wheels, trim, undercarriage, fabric/carpet and interior trim. 

Please call for pricing as it varies from vehicle to vehicle - (508) 507-7575



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